Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finding Yourself...?

Exactly, "What in the world is being human?" Brandy has a new album out called HUMAN. Also, her album is about her ups and downs in life throughout her relationships, music career, and family. What's more, she is at a stage in life where I guess she's finding herself. So, my question is this, "Exactly, Who are you?" "Really, What is it that makes you you?" "Are you a Christian or borderline worldly? Are you courageous in faith or religiously fearful? Are you insecure in life or secure in Jesus?" We may have to go throughout our entire lifespan to address many of these types of questions. I have lived on this earth for 33 years and have truly found that you can't find yourself without truly knowing you. And, you can't know yourself without truly knowing your family history and past generations back. And, you really can't know your family history without knowing the first family (Adam & Eve) and where they came from. And, you can't seem to know the first family without fully knowing God. So, bottom line, we ALL need to know God in order to find ourselves. Notice, I didn't say that, "We need to know a god." But, rather, "We need to know---GOD!"

See, many Christians know about God and struggle with personally knowing God. We have people who are more willing to know the intricacies about their pet than they are in knowing God. Christians have to become more intentional on spending time with God---not just on Sundays or at a low point in one's life. Have you took out any time to know God on Monday through Saturday? Why or Why not? The Bible indicates that we should, "Search after God while He may be found and call upon Him while He is near!" Slow down and stop for planned moments within your week to do that very thing. Believe me; it'll make a world of a difference in your life and maybe (just maybe) you'll truly start to FIND YOURSELF.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Add ImageYou know, a lot of people feel that they rarely have anything to offer. They're not the brightest, most famous, or even remotely famous. But, just because someone hasn't reached some idealistic pinnacle of worthiness doesn't necessarily mean they're not valuable. See, value is an intrinsic characteristic that's not truly defined by superficial preferences. So, What! You're not the head honcho, smartest, or most popular. So, What! You're not the wealthiest or most attractive. So, What! You're not the funniest or carry the most engaging personality. So, What! So, What! So, What! In-spite of all this YOU'RE STILL VALUABLE. God sees immense value from each and every person. Did you know that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Did you know that you were created just the way God desired. Did you even know that NO one can do what you can do the very way you can do it---with your personality, with your compassion, with your heart, with your focus, with your resiliency, etc.

God has made us all so valuable...He saw so much value in us that He was willing to die for it! Our potential, to Him, is on a grandiose scale. So, the next time you start to compare yourself to someone else at your job, on television, or elsewhere; STOP! Just remain being THE BEST YOU that you can possibly be and don't become distraught because you're not just like someone else. Stop saying things like, "I feel like a failure; I'll never be like ____________; I wish I had what ____________ has." Realize that you are completely who you are and be grateful for that! I can guarantee that someone else somewhere in the world would LOVE to be you. Please, understand how valuable you are on a daily basis and keep seeing the value in all others (not just the famous people), especially the one's you encounter everyday. It just may be the very thing your life as well as their lives were missing!