Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Three: Relational Comradery

I do realize that, "Everyone needs somebody sometimes." We're not an island to ourselves and we're actually built for each other. Lonliness is a devastating feeling. The famed, 30 million copies sold, bestselling book The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren highlights how much Jesus & the Bible emphasized relationships. He said that, "The most important thing in life are our relationships---First, our relationship with God, next our relationships with one another." Also, another fact is the scriptural focus on the concept of the "One Anothers" theme...Love one another, do good to one another, pray for one another, be devoted to one another, etc. So, according to God, we vitally need each other to function effectively on this earth. Most Christians may believe that the only one they need is God! But, God begs to differ! Well, God prefers mostly to show Himself strong through others. The Bible is adamant about God showing up a lot through touching the lives of men and women by using other men and women. Also, He uses them to help establish relationships.

Really, "Where would you be without______________________(fill in the blank with a person)?
Who helped you make it this far that you may need to thank?

How would life feel without your loving spouse, caring children, grandparents, good friends, etc.?

Belive it or not, it's so important to have good friends, Godly influences, and impactful relationships. God knows that and that's the reason why he allowed so many beautiful, wonderful people to cross your path and come into your life. We truly do need each other! The Bible says "we ought to love each other just like we love ourselves." That means that we should value relatioships the same way we value ourselves---NO LESS! Let's do that as much as possible and have such a great relational comradery where "if you hurt I hurt" and vice versa. Moreover, "when I rejoice you should rejoice" realizing that we're all in this thing together. Remember, no one is an island to themselves we still do need each other!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two: Structured Stress

I know many people have been stressed out before, and some are even feeling intense stress now. But, what is more dishardening is the fact that many people have little to no idea how to deal with the stress. So many are stressed on their jobs, stressed at school, stressed at home, and even feeling some stress at church. I know that may surprise some of you but the church can become a stressful place.

Church volunteers and employees have to finish this deadline, attend that meeting, fulfill those roles, etc. all on a massive scale. All to elite perfection. All done in an impressive manner and on a grandiose scale. We have to impress God, impress the pastor, and impress others taking on more and more stress.

Well, truth be told, we really DON'T have to impress anyone. God already knows ALL of your abilities based on the fact that He's the one who gave them to you. Also, He's fully aware of what you can and can't do. He understands that you're not a machine but loaded with many human limitations. Therefore, ladies you can take off the wonder woman cape and gentlemen you can remove that 'S' from your chest.
Actually, Matthew 11:28-30 and 1 Peter 5:6-7 gives us good Biblical reasoning why we should not be so stressed and instead take on Jesus's stress. See, His yoke is easy and His burdens are light to carry. He gives us what I call, "structured stress." This is the type of stress that says, "I'll do what I can do and leave what I can't do to God. I'm not going to worry about the small things nor the big ones. I'm going to choose to relax knowing that God has everything in His control!" This is the type of stress that I'm talking about. Let's entirely give over to God everything that we think we have to carry and intentionally live out a life of structured stress!