Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finally, Saying Something...!

People argue that God has given you 2 ears and only 1 mouth so you're suppose to listen twice as much as you speak. But, Christians should speak when they truly have something pertinent to say that can save a life, change a heart, or renew a mind.

"WISE people speak because they have something to say; FOOLS speak because they have to say something...!" There's a distinct difference.

I have been running my mouth for as long as I could remember. I come from a family of talkers, so I got it honest. I've often heard this statement from many editorial platforms:

"Everyone has a right to speak, but not everyone has a right to be heard."

I desire to definitely be one saying something WORTH hearing. I have sought this stance over the years and gained somewhat of a reputation as an individual with something to say, especially when it comes to Godly matters. Fortunately, I've had a good track record within this area of teaching. Evidently, God has graced me with a voice not merely for melodious song but for Biblical instruction. More importantly, I'm just a mouthpiece for God's glory and you can be one too. Just allow God to touch your heart in an undeniable way and get across to others how that simple touch has transformed your life for the better.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Apple Syndrome

Everyone is apple crazy nowadays. I'm not referring to the delicious acidic red fruit with a white core but, I'm speakin about the Apple, Inc. fortune 500 corporation run by Steve Jobs. Apple is marketing designer of Macintosh computers, itunes, the iPod, the iPhone, and newly created iPads 1 & 2. The company is becoming so popular that they had to create 300 retail stores and counting just in order to keep up with the demand for their products. People are overly-in-love with what they're selling and take off of work as well as skip school in order to wait in long lines placing them in the position of having first dibs on Apple's products as soon as they are launched.

Writing about this ordeal won't give you the full feelings of hysteria while watching this take place. It's similar to Black Friday or December 26 if you know what I mean. On the contrary, when someone gets saved or there's an opportunity to attend a missions outreach event, much of that same hysteria is vitally lacking. The excitement is lagging and the expectation is fleeting. Sometimes, it comes off as stale and redundant. You know, the same old song and dance. Choir or praise team sings songs, preacher shouts or gives a 3-points sermon, and someone may or may not get saved within the experience. Just make sure it's brief so you can go and watch the game or stuff your face with food.

Wow! Hopefully, that's not your Sunday experiences. If so, psalms 100 should be a chapter you meditate on this week. God wants you to be excited about serving Him. Actually, when you gain the opportunity to worship God individually or in a group setting, you should consider operating just like the Apple crazies. Use the 'Apple Syndrome' for God's purposes and you'll find your relationship with Him growing fresher and more alive with each new coming day. You'll be ever grateful you did!