Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bed of Roses

Ask yourself this question, "What really is life or truly living?"

A many of minds have wrestled with that entire notion. They want to garner the most out of this mundane existence on our planet. They want to reach their fullest potential. The skies' the limit and anything is possible. They grab life by the horns...No, this is not a Longhorn Steakhouse plug, but it is something that's extremely relevant within this world.

So, ask yourself this, "What do I want to get most out of life?" Or, "How do I want my life to count?" Or, "What possibilities do I want my life to give to me?"

You might say to the first question, "whatever I can foster---and a whole lot of it!" These aspirations are all well and good and can bring about an awe-inspiring life. But, just because one has good intentions it doesn't necessarily guarantee you a life that's a 'bed of roses.'

Oh no, I'm about to say that 'W' word...."WORK"...Yes, an awe-inspiring life requires much work. Work on your life...Work on yourself...Work with your relationships to others...Work throughout the day...and so on and so on. Life takes work---and HARD work at that! So, what! This still shouldn't be a deterrent in aggressively going after a desirable and wonderful type of life. You can be better than before. You can be different than your peers. You can open up doors and opportunities for others. You can be Godly! Basically, just know...'Yes, You Can'. President Barack Obama wasn't the first to coin that phrase and I bet you he won't be the last. Let's stop going throughout our lives with a mentality that everything should be easy and changing for the better requires little to no work. It all requires something...we just have to be willing to commit to giving that little extra something.

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