Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Four: Good Eats

Many people like to eat good; I mean real good. Not only that, some people are addicted to food. They don't just eat to live, they just live to eat. Here, in America, food is almost like a past-time. When you turn on the television, usually, the first thing you see within a 30 seconds slot is a food commercial. Or, try turning on a sports game (during the weekend) and you're sure to find some scenes of individuals pigging out at a tailgating party. This list can go on and on. Bottom line, we live in a society inundated with food.

Now, there's nothing wrong with food. You NEED food to live. But, there are certain perimeters one much take in dealing with the food. It's all about what foods you choose to eat and how often you choose to eat them. Or, what foods you choose not to eat and how often you fail to eat them. I'm not a nutritionist by any means but here are a few nutritional sites that can direct you on those perimeters:

One may ask, "What does any of this have to do with living for God?" Oh my, it has so much to do with living out a godly life. If you're lethargic, diseased, or bloated from unhealthy eating then your abilities to serve God will be extremely limited. Not to mention, your physical life may be in even more extremely jeopardy. I heard an individual state that, "In subsaharan Africa many people are starving to death from a lack of food, and in America many of us are eating ourselves to death from intaking too much food." When we read the Bible it is clear on its stance against gluttony and its support of FASTING. Furthermore, Jesus operated in peak health, as He ministered, utilizing the Levitical diet. So, "What am I really saying? Should we all just go COLD TURKEY on any food deemed unhealthy. Should we all never again pick up an item from the grocery store that is questionable to nutritionists. Should we all never even again order from the desert menu at a restaurant. Of course, this is not what I'm saying or even implying. But, I'm emphasizing the fact that we should all consider finding ways in where we can eat a lot healthier---as a lifestyle and not just a diet.

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