Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Six: On The Move

Yes, here is the dreaded ploy of exercise! During this upcoming year, many will make their New Year's resolution geared towards weight loss. You know; those pounds that were put on from the gluttony of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now, before you all get alarmed, this blog post is not one that's necessarily about exercise or self-control with one's eating habits. It's not even one in reference to losing weight. This post specifically focuses on being "ON THE MOVE." In other words, just get off the couch and do something constructive. Better yet, get out of the car and walk sometimes. Take the bus a week out of the month. Go through the park with a brisk job, catching in the scenery. Take some dancing lessons or window shop through the outlet mall in your city. Basically, just do something that requires movement.

The health affects from these types of activities are endless. Studies have shown that people with active lifestyles (not stressed and overworked lifestyles) tend to live considerably longer and in better health than individuals who are none active. Moreover, they have less chronic pain, diseases, and health-related conditions. Not to mention, with more activity in your life you'll look better as well as feel better. But, one must get into the habit of being more active. Unfortunately, at most jobs today, people are sitting behind a desk in front of a computer. At most schools, children are sitting down for hours in classrooms with little to no activity, just book work and assignments. At most homes, even babies are being catered to too much. They may need a diaper change and we're more eager to place a bottle in their mouths. Or, they may desire to be played with and we would rather put them back into their crib, for lack of interest. Regardless, we need to find ways to become more active. Our hobbies shouldn't just be watching television, going to sleep, or reading books. We have to get on the move!

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