Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Well, today is one day before VALENTINE'S DAY...! This is a time where couples go all out for each other with expensive gifts, enormous amounts of chocolate, dozens of flowers, and other heartfelt thoughts of love. This is a customary tradition in the U.S. and has somewhat of a following around the world. But, just like any other tradition day of celebration in the states, it is over-commercialized.

Businesses salivate at the opportunity to make loads of money on this day. Therefore, the love will come at an abundant cost. A cost many people really can't afford to pay. But, this is not the primary issue surrounding Valentine's Day.

There's a larger problem that is plaguing society concerning this day---the drastic need for a validating relationship. Many people will run to online dating sites, speed dating rituals, or bars/clubs seeking someone to help them not be alone on this day. It doesn't matter so much that the individual truly loves them or that they're someone God has approved of. The person just wants to have someone, anyone to show them they are loved. Worse off, if they can't find someone that will validate them in a relationship by that day they'll be depressed all day long, even for weeks at a time.

I have a question, "When did we start becoming lesser of an individual because we're not married, in a superficial relationship on Feb. 14, or dating somebody?"

The answer is quite simple, "Never...We didn't!"

On tomorrow, you'll be the same you regardless of who gave you flowers or not. To get depressed over this day shows that many of us need to start finding validation in God alone and stop looking for it in other people who may not even be with us a year from now. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise if they're with somebody else Feb. 14, 2012. Let's not get so caught up in seeking to be like everyone else in the world in being so needy for a dating relationship or something close to it. The breakup-get back together-breakup again-get back together lifestyle, song and dance is really old, overrated, and emotionally unhealthy. Try finding your TRUE LOVE in knowing the love that God has so graciously given you...When this is focused upon it puts you in a better position for an eventual committed relationship with the opposite sex---you won't have so much emotional baggage to carry over from lack of self-esteem, insecurity, a need for validation and additional needy issues. Believe me; it'll make a world of difference!

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