Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Continual Mimicking

mimicking - present participle of mim·ic (Verb)Verb:

1. Imitate (someone or their actions or words), typically in order to entertain or ridicule.

2. (of an animal or plant) Resemble or imitate (another animal or plant), esp. to deter predators or for camouflage.

Merriman- Webster has defined mimicking by the definitions above. And it's often been said, "Mimicking isn't nice!" When a child makes fun of another child; we won't them to stop, stop immediately! Cruel jokes do absolutely nothing but hurt individuals and seemingly reveal just how cold children can be. The old adage is "Hurting people hurt people." It's just that simple. "And healed people usually heal people." Not to mention the fact, there are a lot of angry and hurting children in this world.

While observing some of these dynamics in the classroom, while enrolled in a Practicum program. I began to notice how the ridicule changed the student's entire day. What's more, it even distorted their attitude and perspective on life.

I child interested in behaving politely and eagerly participating in class, all of a sudden was no longer interested. They went from model student one hour, to joining in with the class clown the next hour. They went from excited about learning one moment, to silence and depression moments later. All of this was simply started from mimicking behavior.

Well, this is not just a problem with children in grade school. This is also an issue with adults in the school of life. They want to be accepted and achieve great things, not made fun of. Even Christian adults take it a step further. They want to serve God faithfully, love Him passionately and represent Him rightly.

But here comes the the devil with his continual mimicking: "Who do you think you are, trying to live for God? What nerve of you seeking to walk in love all day long, having a good attitude... Here, look at these bills, your weight and all the other individuals doing better than you. You should look pitiful and be depressed, instead of happy! You should just check out mentally from your loved ones, focusing on your selfish wants and desires. Life's a party, drink it up. Again, why are you following Jesus, He's not really helping you with your problems? Christianity is nothing but a waste of time."

Instead of listening to his continual mimicking words, try operating in your own version of continual mimicking and mimic Jesus. Copy His attributes for living, attitude for dealing with problems and resolve in choosing to tune out the enemy's voice. Live life for God's purpose, regardless of anything telling you not to. Change your perspective and follow Jesus' influence, not the devil's. The video above is a scene from the hit film Real Steel. It'll give a much better depiction of what I'm implying.  

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