Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Ear-full

Well, last week was one of the roughest weeks I had in a long time. First, I started off with a stomach virus from something I ate. That virus lasted about 2 days. Next, I was victim to the flu. Following that, I had a lingering fever with a touch of Laryngitis (a severly sore throat). And just when I thought everything was over, I was hit with an ear infection. The ear infection was so bad that it kept me up for almost 3 days. By the way, it's still lingering even as I write this blog post. But it is quickly fading as of late. So I had to search out what went wrong so horribly that I had to endure a week as severe as this one. The answer was discomforting. I was told that this was normal, especially for children. Not only that, the earache probably was the cultprit that started everything else into motion. And trying to wrongly treat it may have led to the other ills. The solution was mainly simple rest, that's all---REST. Earaches and ear infections (especially to the middle ear--where the eardrum is located) can cause the eardrum to deteriorate from something as simple as the flu and grow back healthy after the old and swollen eardrum (from excessive mucus) is fused out through eardrop medication, antibiotics, and other treatments---such as simple rest. Also, I learned that stress, diet, and a lack of temperture control to the environment could add to these ailments.

What's more interesting is the fact that God puts so much emphasis on the ear. Matthew 11:15, Revelation 2:7, and Revelation 3:22 all place strong focus on those who have an ear should hear what the Spirit is saying. I finally get it..."God was wanting for me to slow down and simply rest." He was pretty clear about it. He also wanted me to begin paying even more attention to Him on a continual basis---something I thought that I was already doing enough of. If anything got my attention this week, that certainly did. But, enough about me,..."What about you?" What has God allowed in your life as an ATTENTION GETTER? My advice would be to start noticing Him even more and listening to His direction. It's NEVER too late!

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