Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


When one thinks of the word "HELL" an abundance of views come to mind. Is there actually a place where torment is eternal and pleasure is forsaken? Is there really a devil who leads a host of demon followers? Or, is all this just make-believe? Many individuals would have us believe that any suffering on this earth is equivalent to @#!*% . Many just write off the word as an angry slur or the description of an 103 degree day in a desert oasis. Regardless of what one thinks or seeks for in their own philosophy of the after life, a @#!*% actually does exist. This is no surprise just like it's no new thing to know that a sky exist or the obvious existence of an ocean.

Just because one can try to explain away a specific notion has nothing to do with the existence or lack thereof of the notion. We can't fully understand why the moon is round and the seas are blue but we know that they are. We can't fully explain why women age faster than men and men die quicker than women but we know that they do. We don't necessarily know why the wind blows and the heart pumps at the rate they do but it still continues to happen this way in life. So, just because we don't know fully why @#!*% is the way it is and people who don't surrender to God go there that still doesn't stop it from happening.

Instead of trying to figure everything out we should just live life and realize that many concepts were in function way before we were---including @#!*% . If God has prescribed a plan for avoiding an eternity in @#!*% we should be apt to heed that plan. Better yet, we should be eager to assist others in heeding the plan as well---our family, friends, coworkers, etc. Who today can you assist in heeding God's plan in escaping @#!*% ? You don't need to give them a fire and brimstone sermon but you can live a life before them that makes them curiously desire what you have---that love, joy, and peace!

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