Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Upcoming "RESPECT"...

Soon, we will be venturing on throughout the next few months on a new upcoming series. The series will be denoted as "The Respect Series". This will address 7 elements of a topic that is key to the lives of almost every single individual on the planet. Some aspects may seem painful wherein others may be wrote off as being trivial or simply filled with drama. Regardless, these issues are here to stay and what God has done is given us the immense capability to deal with them in a manner that's pleasing to HIM as well as life-transforming for others we face. Everyone in some form or another is looking to be respected. They're looking to be appreciated. They're looking to be recognized and valued in, at least, some small way. It could be on the job, in the home, even in the church, or just generally in life. Christians as well as non-Christians are in desperate need of it. And, there is nothing wrong with giving it. As a matter of fact, most problems in life have some element of disrespect centered around them. Moreover, God has never supported rudeness or disrespect being a rule of thumb for mankind toward one another. But, we all know that He is fixed on the attitude of LOVE being the dominating factor over individual relationships with one another according to what HE considers as the GREATEST COMMANDMENT. So, venture on with me and let's explore this issue of respect or the lack thereof.

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