Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Respect Series 2: "The Gorgeous Factor"

Merriam-Webster has defined gorgeous as being beautiful; very attractive. So many people want to be viewed this way, and would do nearly anything to accomplish that feat. You know, many will starve themselves to death until they're only weighing 90lbs. Others would advocate extreme plastic surgery methods, cutting into their nose, sucking tissue away from their stomach, or injecting fluid into their lips and around their eyes. What's even more disturbing, most would spare no expense at doing it. Furthermore, individuals would run multiple miles a day, invest in every diet plan imaginable, and slave over weights and step aerobics in a gym all for beautiful results. It's not that they're doing these things for health reasons, the health aspects are some of the lasts things on their minds and, for many, it's all about the beauty.

It's all about other superficial people showing I value you, not for who you are but, for how you look. See, this becomes a major problem when too much value is placed on being gorgeous. I don't need to tell you all the people who have seen themselves as worthless because of their less-than-stellar appearance. Some have even ended their lives over it! Why? This is so tragic and totally unnecessary. Unfortunately, this is how our world is, and it's not improving anytime soon. For many, image is everything. It is how they validate their shallow existence. It is how they define their perceived significance. It's even how they garner mad respect. Their picture will be posted on a magazine cover, people will try to worship them, and they'll gain an uncanny level of massive fame. I ask again, "Why?" What's so key about the superficial? Why it is so vital? Because, to be painfully honest, it's not!

Over time, looks will change. Muscles that should be stout and strong will start to sag and turn into fat. Glowing radiant beauty will begin to turn into wretched wrinkles. You just don't stay young forever! Moreover, this is not one of the greatest ways to garner TRUE respect. When I see a crippled child, an elderly woman, or a baby with down's syndrome, one thing is clear. THEY ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL! To add to that, so are the people who care for them, and love them regardless of their physical conditions. I can speak from this even from personal experience. This is not just something I 've seen or heard, this is something I know all too well. Many of us may be asleep to this issue, but let's wake up and find that true respect has NOTHING to do with how one physically looks. It's all about who they are on the INSIDE!

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