Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Respect Series 1: "The Gangster Factor"

We embark on the Respect Series by addressing the Gangster, which is known as a wannabe thug, a tough guy/girl, a member of a gang or organized crime unit. So many negative aspects are centered around this word, but it is a word that seemingly vibes for respect. See, if you act gangster or people around you think you're one, they'll be afraid of you. And most individuals respect those they fear. The bully implements this philosophy, sometimes the angry military brat, and company supervisor as well. Some individuals, from low-socioeconomic conditions, feel that this is the primary way of keeping mean people from physically hurting them. The old aged sentiment goes, "If you can't beat them, then join them." Surprisingly, an array of psychological studies have revealed that these are some of the most fearful individuals on the planet. Their identity is found in being on the attack because they're so afraid to be on the defense. When numerous individuals stand up to them, they become baffled on how to react to the unexpected defensive side of the situation. What's more, for Christians, this is the appeal the devil provides. And many Christians buy into it. This is one reason why some Christian youths wear their pants below their bottoms, hold a mean demeanor, and rebel against authority. Being HARD is deemed as being HIP! Again, this is the appeal the devil provides.

I Peter 5:8 denotes the devil as being like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. The thing about a roaring lion is that the older and weakly the lion becomes, the more and louder it roars. At this age, the lion really doesn't want a confronting battle to the death, just for one to flee in fear from the intimidating roar. The bible also talks about how demons tremble at the name of Jesus. An all out tedious war is the last thing they want. This is why the fear tactic of intimidation is so effective for people unaware of these conditions. But as Christians, we should let the enemy know that we're ready for an all out battle. We need to put our dukes up and swing away at everything he throws at us. Ephesians 6 talks about our armory, sword, and shield of faith. Also, II Corinthians 10:4-6 tells us how we should casts down evil thoughts.

But the main thing the devil throws at us is an attack on our identity. Each and every single attack on Jesus in Matthew 4 and Luke 4 was an indentity attack. When we know who we are in God, the devil is terrified. Thus, instead of acting gangster, we can operate loving. Instead of being intimidating, we can be meek and humble. Instead of figthing our own battles, we can realize more and more that the battle truly does belong to the Lord---especially our own personal battles. We shouldn't be so much like this world but should take after our father---our Heavenly Father that is. We're respected not for our aggression toward other people, but for our freedom in God. Jesus was taunted on the cross, beat, and rejected, but He's NOW the most respected individual to have ever walked this planet. Remind yourself; He has the final say! Romans 14:11 and Philippians 2:10 indicates that EVERY knee will bow and tongue confess, "Jesus is Lord to the glory of God." So seek to gain your respect from God and not merely people. And remember Romans 12:21, "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with GOOD!

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