Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Expect the BEST but Prepare for the WORST

It has to be a consistent thought-process for individuals this year to do 2 key things:

(i) Expect the BEST
(ii) Prepare for the WORST

Let's dive right into addressing both of these concepts---

Do we usually expect the best in life? Or do we resent our lives? Expecting the best for one's life has much to do with attitude and perspective. If one is filled with a motivated attitude, they will expect the best out of life. They will focus on the colorful rainbow coming in radiantly after the rain, rather than on the rain itself. Their attitude would be one of gratefulness instead of misery, even with misery all around them. These are the motivators, encouragers and gregarious individuals in life. These are the ones who have the "it" factor as it relates to enthusiam and vigor.

But many of these individuals usually end up having the right perspective in life as well. "Life is what you make of it." Life isn't a pie-in-the-sky journey that has no problems along the way. So their perspective is important to that understanding. They don't often depend on people to lift their spirits and make them joyful. In turn, they tap into the joy laying dormant with inside of themselves. They use their optimistic perspective to light the match of potential, leading to ongoing cheerfulness.

Now, these individuals seem to good to be true; they seem a bit out of touch with reality. One can see how someone can think that. But there is a remedy for that conception. This leads right into the next concept.

They must also prepare for the worst. Notice, one didn't say they should believe for the worse, only prepare for it. Some get this confused with suddenly converting to now a pessimist. No, one must stay optimistic, not just positive but actually optimistic. Positivity centers merely on thought; optimism revolves around intents and actions. One shouldn't just think great things can happen today, but one should be positioning themselves to literally walk in those great things.

In preparing for the worst, step-by-step praticality comes into play. So instead of just believing for a raise at work, one also places money away in savings or to the side. This is not done to disregard the anticipation of the raise; it is an added piece in connection with the raise. And in the end, the person has a boat load of money put away in savings that year and/still with the hopes of a raise. This could be the same for healing/healthy living, business start-ups/more professional schooling, etc. Sadly, individuals who tend to struggle on multiple occasions with this dilemma are Christians. They tend to often look to one point or the other, and not both. Both are needed for a healthy balance in trusting God as well as preparing for the realities of life. The more we implement both of these, the better off we can be. 

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