Dying 2 Live...!

Dying 2 Live...!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Multiple Opportunities for Growth...

It should be no surprise that we all can GROW. Actually, we all must grow. And I mean grow a lot! Especially, in the area of spiritual growth is where much of the work is needed. We all can become better at multiple things. You can do more and be more. Here is a list of 25 opportunities that may help your spiritual growth spurts:

1.) Reaching out to the hurting, broken and rejected
2.) Using Godly wisdom
3.) Walking in love more consistently
4.) Handling our finances better
5.) Studying the Bible more frequently, instead of sometimes simply reading it like a novel
6.) Assisting those with physical, spiritual, mental and emotional needs
7.) Organizing our time more efficiently
8.) Not being stressed out so easily
9.) Running after God
10.) Valuing our relationships properly
11.) Supporting our children & loved ones
12.) Aiding the poor (only the ones truly needy, not the scammers)
13.) Giving a listening ear to the elderly
14.) Being more effective in ministry
15.) Preparing more soundly for our endeavors
16.) Witnessing with more intentionality
17.) Praying more fervently
18.) Fasting more
19.) Being less self-centered, demanding my own way
20.) Being less prideful, and more humble
21.) Being less stubborn, and more flexible
22.) Checking our ugly attitude at the door
23.) Being more patient
24.) Holding onto our peace
25.) Refusing to relinquish our joy by remaining grateful 

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